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December 2nd, 2010 @ 8:02pm

Photobucket makes my icons and other pics all sucky. The quality just goed down after a couple of days. Does anyone know another website where I can store all my icons etc, where it's also possible to have albums and is easy to link to?

Where do you put your pics?


November 30th, 2010 @ 11:04pm
Icons! I've been saving up for ages.
They're very plain and simple but I hope you like them anyway. Originally I had some more, but I deleted the ones I disliked. Jensen's a little bit sad on his own, but I liked the pic so much I couldn't leave it alone. ;)

Jensen Ackles [1 - 1]
Nina Dobrev [2 - 12]
Dakota Fanning [13 - 30]
Demi Lovato [31 - 37]
Vanessa Paradis [38 - 42]
Credits: Nina Dobrev Fans | Nina Dobrev
Comments&credits appreciated



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October 19th, 2010 @ 10:13pm


Are more of you on tumblr? I don't have time to make graphics these days, (still have an unfinished batch lying around from last summer!) I do have time to post some pictures every now and then so when I'm supposed to study, I do that.

Tumblr takes less of my time because reblogging is fun, so come join me. I like it. I'd love to discover the lovely blogs of yours!

Hope to finish the batch of icons soon. I won't leave lj!




June 15th, 2010 @ 11:24pm
Geez, it's like I'm only capable of posting twice a year. Sorry guys!
I did bring some icons though. 81, to be exact. Enjoy!

+ Dianna Agron 1-12
+ Lea Michele 13-16 
+ Lea & Dianna 17-18
+ Glee cast 19-34
+ Ian Somerhalder 35-44
+ Jensen Ackles 45-53
+ Supernatural  54-58
+ Jamie Campbell Bower 59-64
+ Marion Cotillard  65-69
+ Taylor Swift 70-81 
+ Comments & credits would be nice if you have the time 
+ Pictures taken from
Sweet & Talented | Lea Michele WebDianna Agron Web | Taylor Swift Web  


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December 7th, 2009 @ 12:17am

So it's been over 8 months huh? I didn't even realise! :O
Here are some icons I just made - had a week off. School has been killing me lately, but it's getting better now.
I hadn't touched photoshop for ages so I hope you like my new icons. I know I do, because I only bring you beautiful people.

+ Johnny Depp 1-3, 62-63
+ Robert Pattinson 4-11
+ Supernatural 3x01 12-21
+ Quotes 22-27
+ Vanessa Paradis 28-51

+ Comments & credits appreciated. Enjoy!
+ Credits go to Television & Movie Screencaps \ Sweet & Talented \ Google

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March 30th, 2009 @ 11:20pm

Yay, new icons!

Heath Ledger 1-13
Robert Pattinson 14-23
Lady Gaga 24-47

Comments & credits appreciated, not necessary

Credits go to Ultimate Lady Gaga
Originally had some of Robert Downey Jr too, but they sucked. Maybe I'll make some new ones later.


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January 10th, 2009 @ 3:24pm

Seriously, I should be doing schoolstuff. But unfortunately, my feelings tell me otherwise ;) So I bring you 89 icons! I never realised Robert Downey Jr. was sexy, until I started watching reruns of Ally McBeal last night... He kinda reminds me of mr. Depp! Enjoy!

* Robert Downey jr. 1-10
* 21 Jump Street 11-63
* Supernatural 64-76
* Stock 77-89
Comments & Credits appreciated
Credits go to: Screencap Paradise, Denying Insanity, Veer.com, Downey Unlimited, Downey Web


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December 23rd, 2008 @ 1:14pm

Stole this from Marjorie! Kinda hope this is true, except for the 11 kids :P

Behold... My Future
 I will marry Paul. 
 After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in London in our fabulous House. 
 We will have 11 kid(s) together. 
 Our family will zoom around in a Red Audi TT.
 I will spend my days as a Interior designer, and live happily ever after. 
whats your future


December 22nd, 2008 @ 7:39pm
Icons! I got bored today (Vacation's just not for me I guess..) so here are more icons. I made some 21 Jump street, because I'm sad. I watched all the DVD's I have and I want more :(
The other icons are all Supernatural because Sam and Dean rock ;) I've got two more weeks without classes, so prepare for more icons.

21 Jump Street 1x01 - 1-3
21 Jump Street 1x02 - 4-8
21 Jump Street 1x03 - 9-17
21 Jump Street 1x04 - 18-20
21 Jump Street 1x07 - 21-28
21 Jump Street 1x11 - 29-31
Supernatural 2x03 - 32-41
Supernatural quotes - 42-51

Credits & Comments appreciated
Credits go to
Denying Insanity and Screencap Paradise


HERECollapse )


December 21st, 2008 @ 9:11pm
Yes yes yes, icons once again! Only 23 this time, all Supernatural.
Oh, and some just Jensen because he's so damn hot! It's like I've rediscovered him this afternoon. Enjoy your dose of Jensen!

Bye bye! I'm off, watching Supernatural.

PS. I kinda made them with Marjorie in the back of my head. Hope you like them hon!

Comments & Credits appreciated
Credits: Screencap Paradise


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